Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Day: August 28, 2008

  • How Do I Get to Be Black Like Obama?

    Barack Obama is called a lot of things. Being a candidate for President of the United States means a lot of people apply a lot of different labels, good or bad or indifferent, to categorize you and anticipate your every move. I find it interesting people use the labels “African American” or “Black” to describe…

  • Boooooring

    Last night, Paul said my blog has gotten boring with all the CE/Vista stuff. He’s right. To be fair, my life has gotten boring. I have not had a baby like Lacey or Myk. I am not in love so spewing poetry. I am not saving lives with an NGO. I just sit in my…

  • The Pointy End Goes In the Board

    Congrats to aya1081 for coming out to darts last night to watch brittsaqt and I throw in league. The team lost 14-3. 🙁 I did pwn one of their better players at 501. I’m on fire @ 501. Even at practice I was getting the double-in on my first turn.