QotD: I’ve Always Wanted to Know…

If you were guaranteed an answer to any question you have, what would you ask and of whom?
Submitted by Cicero7590.

I’ll assume “an answer” really means a truthful answer.

The first thing which comes to mind is what very women really, actually think about me. I know I can ask, but I expect most of these women to tell the truth if it is good or omit the bad parts if it is bad. Tact is a difficult

Next is various authors what they really meant about passages in their obfuscated by less than direct writing.

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Georgia v Russia

Huh… Off Summize

back in the day, the Olympics would mean a pause in war… someone needs to tell Russia and Georgia 🙁 Kathleen Danielson

Who would tell Russia and Georgia? The world leaders, include President George W. Bush, were all at the Olympics Games opening ceremony when the fighting started. Bush has called “for an end to Russian bombing of Georgian forces in the conflict over South Ossetia and urged all sides to cease hostilities.”

This escalation has been building for years as Georgia attempts to join NATO. By Georgia joining NATO, the United States and much of Europe would be bound to defend Georgia in this conflict. The lack of a strong condemnation of Russia’s act makes me wonder if all this is even worth it to Georgia to join NATO? Probably we would not do much more if they were part of it, treaty or not.