Month: August 2008

  • Labels

    This started out as a comment to Adrian, but I it got so long it may as well be a post on its own…. The significance of racial labels is not in identifying the genetic makeup of individuals. The significance is in how the labels were used to enforce segregation long before the American Revolution. […]

  • How Do I Get to Be Black Like Obama?

    Barack Obama is called a lot of things. Being a candidate for President of the United States means a lot of people apply a lot of different labels, good or bad or indifferent, to categorize you and anticipate your every move. I find it interesting people use the labels “African American” or “Black” to describe […]

  • Boooooring

    Last night, Paul said my blog has gotten boring with all the CE/Vista stuff. He’s right. To be fair, my life has gotten boring. I have not had a baby like Lacey or Myk. I am not in love so spewing poetry. I am not saving lives with an NGO. I just sit in my […]

  • The Pointy End Goes In the Board

    Congrats to aya1081 for coming out to darts last night to watch brittsaqt and I throw in league. The team lost 14-3. 🙁 I did pwn one of their better players at 501. I’m on fire @ 501. Even at practice I was getting the double-in on my first turn.

  • Cloudy Sunset

    Cloudy Sunset, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Sorry… I didn’t mean to not post any photos for a long time.

  • Recap of Vista Stuff

    It has been a hectic week. A recap… Java certificate fix – Yesterday, August 23rd, the certificate distributed in various Java applets expired. The community discovered the issue and informed Blackboard who put out a fix for the more current products on August 15th. Many customers are leery of having such little lead time to […]

  • How Do Technology Illiterates Read Blogs?

    A few weeks ago, NPR aired a piece where McCain and Obama advisors about technology expressed the policy intentions of each candidate. Also, Obama was described as being a Crackberry addict. McCain was described as personally being technology illiterate, but he looked forward to someone showing him some web sites. So now, Google purports to […]

  • The Two Greatest Actors of Our Generation?

    Saw a commercial for Righteous Kill where it said “starring together as never before” about Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. What does that mean?

  • Wordle: Rants Raves and Rhetoric

  • Nothing We Can Do?

    A statement by a faculty member to the effect of, “There isn’t anything our IT people can do to resolve this problem. The web application is overloaded,” puts the people running the application on the defensive. The problem turned out to be resolved with changes to the local browser environment (remove all the installs of […]