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Dreamhost collects the access and error logs for the web site domains they host for me. The stats are crunched by Analog. The numbers are okay. I much prefer Google Analytics. (Even AWStats is better.) Analog is good enough.

While at Bbworld, Nicole asked me about the hits to her wedding web site. She made it sound like then she and Ashley had the data but just needed to know how to interpret the data? Now a couple days later they didn’t have the data. Instead, they ran into a password issue.

Shell / FTP:

What I had suggested to Nicole was Ashley could find the stats by going to the logs/william-nicole.com to find the data. (Actually it was logs/william-nicole.com/http/html)


Since, only Ashley’s user can access the stats through the shell / FTP route, I went into my admin panel to add Nicole and myself a user to access the stats. I erroneously assumed the user with access to manage the content (Ashley) would have access to the stats. Instead, Dreamhost only automatically grants the panel user (me) access to stats. Doh! So I ended up creating them both accounts.

Shameless Plugs:

Nicole’s site is http://william-nicole.com/.

Another site I am hosting for Shel is http://artistictraveler.nu/.


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