Blackboard’s Direct Help

I just noticed an item in Behind the Blackboard for “Direct Help”. This seems to be a way Blackboard is attempting to help students and parents find assistance by directing them to institutions. I probably missed the propaganda about this initiative. Though I do understand the problem and why it ought to be solved. People end up at Blackboard’s site asking for assistance with administrative items (passwords, changes to settings, etc.). Things the school ought to resolve… Not Blackboard.

Notre Dame, California State University – Chico, or California State University – Sacramento were schools I know but not easily found by me in the search. The ones I did were Georgia Southern University, Valdosta State University, University System of Georigia, and University of Western Ontario. None of those had it set up yet.

Sounds like I am in good company.

To set it up, one either gives them a link to use as a redirect or create a web page to provide information. Does anyone know of examples where someone has set it up?


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