Month: March 2008

  • Why the Opposition to Year-Month-Day

    When naming files, I would make a file with today’s time stamp 20080304. My brain was confused for a second when it saw 13012008. There are not thirteen months! Oh…. I have to use ls -latr to get the list in chronological order instead of just ls. Month-day-year I can understand (old habits die hard). […]

  • Tweets for Today

    08:31 Checking on what was wrong in Blackboard Vista when 3 nodes paged yesterday. Early mid-term (aka gradebook) stuff? # 09:50 Didn't find anything definititive in the logs about the Blackboard Vista errors. Crafting a SQL query for tracked actions on nodes involved. # 11:26 Hammer : Nail :: Twitter : __ ? # 12:44 […]

  • More Spiking CPU Over Assignments

    More on concerns with editAssignmentSubmission.dowebct on Blackboard Vista nodes. Found an error in the exceptions logs tied to one of the transactions: Error occurred maintaining selective release status-Learning Object Id It gets better…. The assignment in question? Not using selective release. Yeah. There is an error for an assessment. Hopefully it is just the assignments […]

  • Assignments Spike CPU

    Yesterday a Blackboard Vista node went unresponsive but recovered. Then a second and third did the same. This was odd as only the test which logs into the node reported a failure. Normally, in severe unresponsive cases the Weblogic monitor either reports either one of the parameters we watch is very high or fails because […]

  • Tweets for Today

    09:28 Every day with this cold has been different. Thursday couldn't think. Friday sneezed. Saturday small coughs. Let's hope today it actuall … # 17:24 Watching TiVo'd African American Lives 2 from last week. Depressing… Showing bills of sale for slaves to descendants. # 18:35 Maybe kids ought not to go to off to college? […]

  • One Feed to Rule Them All

    There is a slight difference between FriendFeed and an RSS aggregator? According to the site, “FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing.” It is using the RSS feeds of the various sites. So, like an RSS aggregator, FF pulls information from […]

  • Ultimatums

    Do ultimatums really work? The recent Screen Writers’ Guild delivered an ultimatum that all their members would stop work unless the production studios met their demands. Months of non-work before both sides… What? Compromised…. Apparently the “kids” on Facebook has a ton of ideas about what ultimatums ought to be issued.

  • Tweets for Today

    10:41 Twitter came up yesterday because of (they missed ). Both are by Chronicle of Higher Education # 11:00 Criticism of Tw in edu was it seems random & valueless. Same is done in traditional tools (email, disc boards, chat). Humans are social. # 11:02 Across town at UGA is the Edelman Bootcamp […]

  • Tweets for Today

    09:13 Happy TGIF Leap Day! # 09:15 For @tehmot The twitter alternatives I have tried are and They are more complicated == not as easy. # 09:24 @skodai Don't jinx us # 09:31 @sherryneal Had a teacher who was born on leap day. She celebrated it on leap day when possible and the […]