Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Day: March 21, 2008


    This is my last work ID for Valdosta State University. The previous IDs had a red bar for both FACULTY and ADMINISTRATION. The girl who made the previous one put FACULTY despite my protests. The girl who made this one did the same. Maybe the computer system had me listed as a faculty member? ezra_id.jpg…

  • Werewolves of Athens

    Werewolves of Athens I love the Moon. I don't know why. As celestial bodies go, it is close. We see it nearly every night. We can look at it. I first learned the Greek goddess of the Moon was Artemis. She was beautiful and a hunter, skilled with the bow. I later learned there was…

  • Werewolves of Athens

    Werewolves of Athens, originally uploaded by Ezra F.