Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

All In – Instead of Nickel and Diming You

5 & 10 is a nice place.

[info]aya1081 and [info]brittsaqt invited me out for dinner with some others. Good trout and ‘tater pancake and desert.

So now I am home and killing time before doing the maintenance for work tonight. At least that will be short. I won’t even get to catch up much on TiVo like last week’s (10pm to 2am).

[info]arfore has cool Music Video Friday series at his real blog.

I’ve been thinking about playing with the Firefox 3 Beta.

I really want a legitimate (pays the studios) copy of Macross Zero. All I’ve seen in US stores are obvious pirated copies. Why do the companies make it so hard to play by the rules?

What do you use for RSS feeds? I’ve used Bloglines, GReader, FeedDemon, NewsGator, BlogBridge, Firefox Livemarks, and Thunderbird. Lately I have taken to playing with Feedreader 3. So far it seems the best.




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