Day: March 14, 2008

  • All In – Instead of Nickel and Diming You

    5 & 10 is a nice place. aya1081 and brittsaqt invited me out for dinner with some others. Good trout and ‘tater pancake and desert. So now I am home and killing time before doing the maintenance for work tonight. At least that will be short. I won’t even get to catch up much on TiVo […]

  • Tweets for Today

    09:11 Working towards 2nd consecutive productive day. Is it possible? Especially when both are telework days? # 09:19 Curious… Why is D2L sending me press releases? Not a customer. Email is on blog not a work one or list one. So, D2L reads my blog? # 09:39 @dgcombs Giving away company secrets on a USB […]