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Study Groups Violate Academic Integrity?

Maybe I need to add a “What were they thinking?” category?

A student created a Facebook group for chemistry students to ask peers for help. As these students already collaborate face-to-face in a study room and use official tutoring services, this was just replicating this online. The students claim to just be helping each other.

So why was the professor upset enough to ask for the student to be expelled? I think it boils down to:

  1. The Internet is used by cheaters.
  2. An invite talked about posting solutions.

Probably like all other cases I’ve seen there is more to the story than what is being reported.






2 responses to “Study Groups Violate Academic Integrity?”

  1. Artemis Avatar

    Some outlets reported that the prof. had specifically stated no outside help for this assignment. Apparently, the kid only got a zero on the paper.

  2. she Avatar

    The hearing found in the student’s favour and he’s not being expelled. I’m not certain that the student won’t receive a failing grade in the assignment. The instructions apparently specified students couldn’t get outside help to generate your responses and the facebook group did solicit students to enter their responses on the site.

    You can find more information on the story by searching the terms “facebook” “ryerson” at the CBC.ca or CTV.ca Web sites. I didn’t know your policy for submitting links, so I figured you can email me for the direct links if you’d like them.

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