Day: March 8, 2008

  • Tweets for Today

    08:07 Listened to a story on NPR about Baha'i children's classes on NPR. # 09:04 Former stu asking me about rebuilding her compy. She said it has a 60MB hd. Explained new hd wouldn't work. Actually a 20GB hd *headdesk* # 10:07 Multi-tasking while paying attention to the GeorgiaVIEW weekly web conference call. # 12:05 […]

  • Study Groups Violate Academic Integrity?

    Maybe I need to add a “What were they thinking?” category? A student created a Facebook group for chemistry students to ask peers for help. As these students already collaborate face-to-face in a study room and use official tutoring services, this was just replicating this online. The students claim to just be helping each other. […]