Tweets for Today

07:29 @galindafied No, not it isn't "Sneezy". Check your direct messages. 🙂 # 07:36 @dgcombs Thanks for the warning. Checking the weather maps to see if I have time to make it work. 🙂 # 07:38 Wow… it should be raining right now? Headed out the door… # 10:57 Message away… Let the games begin!… Continue reading Tweets for Today

Page View Metric Dying

First Metricocracy measured hits. Pictures and other junk on pages inflated the results so Metricocracy decided on either unique visitors or page views. Now, the Metricocracy wants us to measure attention. Attention is engagement, how much time users spend on a page. What do we really want to know? Really it is the potential value… Continue reading Page View Metric Dying