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  • 08:31 Checking on what was wrong in Blackboard Vista when 3 nodes paged yesterday. Early mid-term (aka gradebook) stuff? #
  • 09:50 Didn't find anything definititive in the logs about the Blackboard Vista errors. Crafting a SQL query for tracked actions on nodes involved. #
  • 11:26 Hammer : Nail :: Twitter : __ ? #
  • 12:44 @lgerard Big… Big Bada Baby GG #
  • 14:52 @galindafied Didn't you learn your less the first time? #
  • 20:32 More nodes failing login checks found an error. Blackboard Vista forgot the selective release id??? #
  • 20:59 … What would you say if you had months to live? #
  • 21:57 5th page in two days… Hopefully the Blackboard Vista students will go to bed same time I do… Problem with 24/7/365 is getting sleep… #
  • 21:58 @tehomot You don't look African-American, so you ought not to be a suspect. 😀 #
  • 23:13 More "Ezra has the coolest last name" comments. Its true! #
  • 23:46 @galindafied Freelove … Prove your chops by figuring out my middle name. 🙂 #

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More Spiking CPU Over Assignments

More on concerns with editAssignmentSubmission.dowebct on Blackboard Vista nodes.

Found an error in the exceptions logs tied to one of the transactions:

Error occurred maintaining selective release status-Learning Object Id

It gets better…. The assignment in question? Not using selective release. Yeah. There is an error for an assessment. Hopefully it is just the assignments logic which causes hell on the nodes (database server seems unaffected). Well, the students are also affected as this seems to be the last thing they do in the session.

That selective release displays errors in the logic is quite awesome. I didn’t know the UI did this. However, to see it, I had to expand the right organizer page. Better usability would be to highlight all the errors to the designer. Heck, if there are errors, then it ought to be disabled. If the logic is known not to work, then why allow it to be active? You know… It might spin out of control. *headdesk*