Quick Enough?

Overheard in cube land… Analyst: Quick question which I think will have a quick answer. DBA: Okay. Analyst: Can we– DBA: No! Is that quick enough? It was humor. Both laughed.

Coolest Last Name

I get some variant of, “You have the coolest last name,” from many strangers. Freelove sounds hippie, care free, and … well… loving. Its nice, you know? Marriage proposals over how cool it is… That is new. Sharon: Is “Freelove” really your name? Ezra: Yes, it is. Sharon: Can I marry you? About a year… Continue reading Coolest Last Name

Tweets for Today

08:47 The windows @ work are rattling from the thunder. Good thing one is 5 feet away, right? # 09:44 @sholeh look up Homestarrunner’s what makes a good techno song. “The system is down… the system is down…” # 09:45 @strawpoll Ninjas, pirates smell like bilge water and rotten eggs. # 11:08 E: “You are… Continue reading Tweets for Today

Open Letter to Users of Email Autoresponders

Hi, Some people work in positions requiring high amounts of near constant contact. There is technology for this. One popular is the Blackberry which allows the user to no longer sit in front of the computer all the time. If more than one person is capable of doing the job you do, then set up… Continue reading Open Letter to Users of Email Autoresponders