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A Return To Educational Segregation

Huh… A nearby school system plans to segregate sexes.The administrators say the research they have reviewed says boys and girls learn better in different environments: 1) Girls need quiet time. 2) Boys need to express themselves.

Probably the Hawthorne Effect will cause scores to increase for the first couple years. 😀 So they will stick with it. The parents will buy that it is working.

If not, then this school board will be voted out very quickly.





2 responses to “A Return To Educational Segregation”

  1. sher Avatar

    This incenses me more than you can possibly imagine. The newscast began with something akin to “To fix broken schools…and lift rock bottom test scores, reduce teen pregnancy…” So segregation of the sexes is the answer? How about parents instilling morals and character into their children and encouraging academic excellence? How about increasing qualifications for school teachers and upping their salary to provide an incentive for going into the field? What a bunch of dumb motherfuckers…

  2. Ez Avatar

    Parents taking responsibility for student success in schools would be something novel for Georgia schools. 🙂

    High standards and salaries? LOL I would think some teaching in K-12 would be worried they are not going to get salary cuts with the tax reform movement. 🙁

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