A Return To Educational Segregation

Huh… A nearby school system plans to segregate sexes.The administrators say the research they have reviewed says boys and girls learn better in different environments: 1) Girls need quiet time. 2) Boys need to express themselves. Probably the Hawthorne Effect will cause scores to increase for the first couple years. 😀 So they will stick… Continue reading A Return To Educational Segregation


Before we react to the lower amount of reading, what exactly is the problem we seek to solve? Is the problem declining student reading scores? We need to improve reading comprehension. Students may need to learn how to read more effectively so increasing the quantity may not help that much. Is the problem half of… Continue reading Literacy

Tweets for Today

10:53 I am not a Freethinker or a Vulcan. Yes, I do like science and logic. However, they are just a single part of the puzzle. # 19:31 [ photo at twitxr.com/sneezypb/updates/2995 ] # 21:04 @dgcombs Lucky you! Had 20 min for a Quiznos run. 🙁 # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter Read and post comments… Continue reading Tweets for Today

Another Doppleganger?

I have a universal face. People confuse me with others. In elementary school, a kid thought at first I was in another grade. My classmates attested to my proper grade. Turns out he confused me with someone a couple grades ahead. In 2000, Le Ann wanted to know the name of the girl she saw… Continue reading Another Doppleganger?

Marbles in the Mouth

Dava Sobel on John Harrison in Longitute: Harrison, according to those who admired him most, never could express himself clearly in writing. He wrote with the scrivener’s equivalent of marbles in his mouth…. The first sentence [of his last published work] runs on, virtually punctuated, for twenty-five pages. I propose we call long winded typing… Continue reading Marbles in the Mouth