Over Purr

Winnie used to purr somewhat like this for much of her life. In her case it was because someone shot her with a bb gun and the bullet went through her nose and into her throat.

Tweets for Today

09:04 Poor coworker in hushed voice: "Do you have a floppy?" LOL I don't even have one at home! # 09:19 @aawilliams Refreshing naietivity from the Millennial Generation. 😀 # 09:46 Adium… why do you hate AIM chat rooms? # 13:16 It is neither here nor there. It is at lunch. 🙂 # 17:05 mmm… Continue reading Tweets for Today

False Spring

As is typical, the temperature has warmed up to spring-like. Between now and Easter it will freeze at least once. The plants are already starting to bloom grow new leaves. Read and post comments | Send to a friend