Day: February 12, 2008

  • Japanese Magnolia

    Japanese Magnolia, originally uploaded by Ezra F. My flowering bête noire. Was the groundhog wrong? This tree doesn’t think Spring is over a month away.

  • The Moon

    The Moon, originally uploaded by Ezra F. I am looking forward to the lunar eclipse on Feb 20th. It won’t require me getting up at 3am. 🙂

  • Tweets for Today

    13:09 Cyberstalker GH: Over lunch, I think I figured out what is #3… # 14:11 Poor Capella… # 15:46 Is this good or bad?: Compromise your own systems to get at the info you need. # 15:52 Mozilla Prism reaches no place to go when a site uses a self-signed SSL cert. That's no good. […]