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Artificial !Always= Better

I fit the criteria of obese. My weight is not an obsession. I lost a good 20 pounds in a few months by making sure to walk 1.5-2 miles 4-5 times a week and not eating many calories. Thing is…. I am lazy. So I put that weight right back on after not maintaining the habit. Working in a sedentary job doesn’t help.

I keep being told I need to drink Diet Pepsi. My thought to that is, I’ll kill myself first. That artificial sweeteners are linked to weight gain gives me a new salvo in return fire. Everyone I know who uses the “Diet” soft drinks as part of their weight loss plan don’t seem to do very well. Only those who cut out all soft drink all together did well.






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  1. Abby Avatar

    Something odd – My father has recently (and continues with) lost 75lbs in the last 7 months on Nutrisystem – and one of the first things on the “you can consume unlimited amounts of” in their diet plan is “any diet beverages”.
    on the other hand, I never had any doubt that my diet pepsi love has helped my weight gain over the years.

  2. Robin Avatar

    Yesterday on the Cobert Report, Leonard Nimoy unveiled his new book on nude photography. Some very beautiful photographs of some very heavy women. As long as we buy the things people say about weight, we will almost always be unhappy with ourselves. At 235 lbs I consider myself just as spiritually fat! I hope that when I die, God counts my spiritual weight. 🙂

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