Product Confusion

Someone hit my web site looking for “blackboard administrator certification”. So I was curious out what was out there on the Internet for this. I ran across a Blackboard training web site. In looking though the offerings, I was struck by the use of two different names for the same product. (I don’t mean like… Continue reading Product Confusion

A Soliloquy Remake

True? To update or not to update, that is the question; Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The freezes and crashes of sloppy code, Or to take arms against a sea of developers, And by opposing, end them. I know… It’s bad…

Tweets for Today

09:49 … and I'm off to the big scary city. # 18:21 @galindafied Atlanta… Though its only scary for whether or not you'll have anything in your car when you get back to it. # 18:27 Talked to familiarish Laura after devotions. Turns out we were at the same Chi-town event (I was with @lgerard… Continue reading Tweets for Today