Tweets for Today

10:32 Checking out Mozilla Prism Adobe AIR dev'pr asked what's the diff. Easy: Prism wraps no dev'ping apps # 10:48 Posting this for my cyberstalker(G)… Smoking kills Nintendo Wiis # 15:57 @jocelynspies You should post a pic. 🙂 # 19:41 Gonna take a look at my Moon shots. (Get your mind out of… Continue reading Tweets for Today

Technology QotD: What’s $44.6 Billion Anyway?

Microsoft made a $44.6 billion dollar bid to buy Yahoo! on Friday. The word "monopoly" has been brought up a lot since this bid was announced. What's your take on the potential deal? What web-based business property has Microsoft bought which turned out to do very well? None… That is why Microsoft wants to buy… Continue reading Technology QotD: What’s $44.6 Billion Anyway?