Mmmmm Tasty!

Mmmmm Tasty!, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Misty licking her nose. It’s been a while since I posted a picture. Here is one from January I have yet to upload. 😀

Section Archive Easter Egg

Blackboard support wants a backup of a section to replicate the instructor claimed behavior. Fine. I started making the backup, but I ended up closing the browser to go home. This morning, when I checked, the backup was not in the Vista file manager at the course level where I created it. So, I created… Continue reading Section Archive Easter Egg

Tweets for Today

09:19 Changing perspectives… Normally a log miner… Let's see what I can find database mining. # 09:44 Is that beeping me? # 10:20 w00t! Think I found the error logs i was seeking. Mining the database helped isolate the node, time, etc since usrs are keeping mum. # 13:29 Mmmmmm… Scope specification meeting # 15:22… Continue reading Tweets for Today