Day: February 6, 2008

  • Finding Sessions

    Clusters can making finding where a user was working a clusterf***. Users end up on a node, but they don’t know which node. Heck, we are ahead of the curve to get user name, date, and time. Usually checking all the nodes in the past few days can net you the sessions. Capturing the session […]

  • Tweets for Today

    08:57 If Google is the new Microsoft, then does that make the founders Darth Page and Darth Brin? # 09:42 You can't make this stuff up: "should [the fire alarm] go off for some reason there is no reason to be alarmed." # 09:58 @dgcombs True… Stock in them is cool. A drop in […]

  • User Interface v. SQL Reports and Tracking

    Blackboard Vista tracks student activity. This tracking data is viewed as a critical feature of Vista. Our instructors depended on the information until we revoked their ability to run reports themselves due to performance issues. Campus administrators can still generate reports (though some still fail). We doubt the solution to this is Blackboard improving the […]