Bb 9 is NextGen?

UPDATE: Have another source who disagrees with Badge who made the claim below. ——— Hopefully this is true. I’d hate to be spreading a false rumor. Anyone willing to confirm? 😀 According to J. L. Badge, Blackboard 9 will be the “NextGen” product we are… *cough* eagerly… *ahem* waiting to see. John Fontaine was in… Continue reading Bb 9 is NextGen?

Tweets for Today

09:40 Microsoft taking over Yahoo could mean the death of Flickr… # 10:19 Looking at the UGA Sakai. Interesting that it uses FCKEditor and JForum instead of building their own tools. # 13:20 If Thomas Hawk is right, then my fears about Flickr are paranoid. I… just… don't think he is right. 🙂 #… Continue reading Tweets for Today