Image of God

I picked up Einstein and Religion the other day. Its been a compelling read as I am about 1/3 through in just over 24 hours. Both of these come from pages 74-75.


Our Knowledge [of God] consist in knowing that we are unable to comprehend Him.


On your question whether I have a clear idea of God as I have of triangle, I would answer in the affirmative; but on your question whether I have a clear image of God as I have of triangle, I would answer in the negative. For of God no image can be made.

Bb 9 is NextGen?

UPDATE: Have another source who disagrees with Badge who made the claim below.


Hopefully this is true. I’d hate to be spreading a false rumor. Anyone willing to confirm? 😀

According to J. L. Badge, Blackboard 9 will be the “NextGen” product we are… *cough* eagerly… *ahem* waiting to see. John Fontaine was in our building Thursday. He mentioned NextGen several times. I must have fallen asleep to have missed a version number was mentioned when he talked about NextGen. It makes me wonder if Jan Posten Day’s recent blog post re: Blackboard Ide Exchange is to elicit early feedback on NextGen?

Certainly, if Bb9 is The One and people can get a first look at BbWorld ’08, then the conference will be mobbed. Lovely.

The “Too little, too late.” comment is funny. Apparently he is professor who has moved on to hanging out by himself in Second Life. A little ahead of the curve.

My interest for Blackboard products are 1) stability, 2) deployments, and 3) doing tier 3+ support well. These early looks are only going to tell me maybe a bit about #3. I really won’t know what I want to know until I talk to the Bb Perfomance Team and look at the dirt from the command-line. Of course, the elimination of all but a few Java applets deserves for us to lift John Fontaine up on our shoulders and parade him around all during BbWorld ’09.

Tweets for Today

  • 09:40 Microsoft taking over Yahoo could mean the death of Flickr… #
  • 10:19 Looking at the UGA Sakai. Interesting that it uses FCKEditor and JForum instead of building their own tools. #
  • 13:20 If Thomas Hawk is right, then my fears about Flickr are paranoid. I… just… don't think he is right. 🙂 #
  • 14:15 Refreshing for myself what happens when an instructor deletes the source template out from under a section. #
  • 17:35 Who shouid I tell? GH called me a ''Poopy Head''!?!? #

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