Fixed Blogroll

Apparently this WordPress template is ancient? It was using a really old call to display the blogroll. Modified the template to use wp_list_bookmarks and suddenly you can see the categories again.


Gave a former coworker, Stu, from my Valdosta State days a heads up about a complaint my brother heard from a close friend of his. Stu is working with Sakai these days at Georgia Institute of Technology. He made an interesting comment: It would be great to have all the energy your team puts into… Continue reading Programmers

Tweets for Today

20:55 Darts season starts tomorrow. Last I played the year was 2007 (and I stunk). # 21:01 Sweet… This looks just like Sasquatch but taken by the Spirit rover on Mars?!?! … # 11:02 Ugh… Intcomp 8 from SungardHE probably will break integration. Sounds like testing will happen end of the month. # 11:16… Continue reading Tweets for Today