Finally got over my YouTube issue….

Basically, the upload form said files were limited to 100MB. That’s like 1 minute for the default settings of my Canon Elph (640×480 @ 60 fps). So I end up not having to use longer videos I shot. Until I found Google Video had a downloadable tool to push larger than 100MB. Google doesn’t aggregate all my videos onto a single page. Nor can I import them to other sites. Arggh.

So I thought the free video editing might be the approach. I guess I need to go Linux or Mac to edit video. Windows Media Maker is solely a tool to place clips and transitions into a single video. WTF?

Finally I noticed last night “Upload files larger than 100MB or upload many files at once!” and clicked the button. Yay! I was able to push 12 videos all at once. So it was a non-intuitive interface which made Youtube seem unable to do it.

Check out the Nannie Interviews. 😉


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