MLK Plan

Mom had not planned on having an operation. So she drove to the Atlanta airport last Monday. Her car is in long term parking up there. Plan for getting Mom home from the plane tomorrow… 7:45am Arrive @ William’s house. 8:00am Leave for Atlanta. 11:00am Arrive @ Hartsfield-Jackson airport. 11:10am Park in Short Term parking.… Continue reading MLK Plan


Finally got over my YouTube issue…. Basically, the upload form said files were limited to 100MB. That’s like 1 minute for the default settings of my Canon Elph (640×480 @ 60 fps). So I end up not having to use longer videos I shot. Until I found Google Video had a downloadable tool to push… Continue reading YouTube

Tweets for Today

20:20 How do you describe the noise a cat makes while cleaning himself? Its somewhere between grunting and slurping…. # 20:33 @mykgerard I think you are on to something… # 20:57 Contemplating a run home to north Georgia tomorrow just so I can see the snow. 🙂 # 00:31 What is it about me that… Continue reading Tweets for Today