Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Day: January 12, 2008

  • Celebrity?

    Dad told me when people see his last name for the first time, they typically ask him if he knows me. When he tells them I am his son, they start telling him about great I am.

  • Blog Delurking Week

    The last day of Blog Delurking Week is today. Based on the web server logs, lots of people read. A few comment. Its okay people don’t comment (aka lurk). If you have something to say, then I am sure you will. Otherwise, I am sure you will remain silent. 🙂

  • Tweets for Today

    20:35 @galindafied hopefully demon barbers are not cute and endearing. 🙂 # 13:02 Ran some statspack reports on time periods resulting in curious quick load spikes. Settings? Weird. # 13:25 In an IM convo, you know someone is upset when they mistype and expletive. # 14:20 www.ezrasf.com/wplog/archives/451 # 16:21 The problem of building case for…