Obligatory Kitty Post

Jeff and Kathy's kitten, Rita. They invited me over to watch Lord of the Rings Extended Edition all day New Year's Day. Apparently the local Humane Society publishes a calendar of the adopted animals. If a picture is selected, then you get a free calendar. Just doing my part to help out Jeff and Kathy.… Continue reading Obligatory Kitty Post

Why One Should Not Connect With Egoists on Social Networks

“Second, if you add me as a friend I assume you want me to send you emails and interact with you.” — Plaxo: the social monster? – Scobleizer Robert is the geek equivalent of Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears or Lindsey Lohan: A sad trainwreck we all thank a higher being that its not us.… Continue reading Why One Should Not Connect With Egoists on Social Networks

Tweets for Today

21:14 I could do the maintenance from the bedroom under the comforter. Then I could leave the heat off? # 21:17 Trading with George so I can go home for two weeks and not worry. Taking 10 days of leave. Might work from Vld depending… # 10:06 Every swallow hits against something. It is like… Continue reading Tweets for Today

Logout And Login Again Or Just Stay Away?

Poor Simon Frasier. I am curious about the advice to logout and login. With our slow down a year ago, it was exactly the users doing this which worsened the issue. Our issue was partially with a script located on the page users reached immediately after login.