Day: January 5, 2008

  • Are You a Battery?

    Yup. I would take the blue pill every time. 🙂 I’m happy being a battery. If I didn’t want Facebook to have control of my data, then I would not give that data to Facebook. Show your anger with your feet. Leave and make all of your zombie followers go with you! Build your own […]

  • Step Back and Take a Deep Breath

    Chris Hambly is asking for thoughts and reflections on Blackboard. I deal with Blackboard nearly daily. We have one of the largest implementations of Vista. A choice to migrate to something else would affect around 180,000 people. So that choice will be very carefully maide. Of course, the longer we stay, the larger we grow […]

  • Tweets for Today

    21:49 Ooops. Getting get well emails. Not for me though… For mom. 🙂 # 22:04 *choking* a Dungeon Siege movie? Will they never learn RPGs (even computer) made into movies universally smell rancid? # 09:11 Wowsers… 3,411 axis files removed from one of the clusters. Looks like users are building classes for next week… # […]