Step Back and Take a Deep Breath

Chris Hambly is asking for thoughts and reflections on Blackboard. I deal with Blackboard nearly daily. We have one of the largest implementations of Vista. A choice to migrate to something else would affect around 180,000 people. So that choice will be very carefully maide. Of course, the longer we stay, the larger we grow… Continue reading Step Back and Take a Deep Breath

Tweets for Today

21:49 Ooops. Getting get well emails. Not for me though… For mom. 🙂 # 22:04 *choking* a Dungeon Siege movie? Will they never learn RPGs (even computer) made into movies universally smell rancid? # 09:11 Wowsers… 3,411 axis files removed from one of the clusters. Looks like users are building classes for next week… #… Continue reading Tweets for Today