So… The myth is milk deliverymen cuckolded many a husband. Later, the postal service deliveryman took up this badge of honor. Thanks to recent movies and TV shows, pool boys and gardeners take up the duty. What about the young women today. Who will they find to cuckold their husbands to be?

Suck It Up And Pay the Price

Doesn’t it always look like this? User runs script against service. Script operates so quickly and sucks so much traffic its obvious its a script. Service’s automates systems detects the abuse. User gets automated notice about violation of Terms of Use and prevention from accessing the site. User pitches a fit because he is “famous”.… Continue reading Suck It Up And Pay the Price

Better Way to Count

Our awesome sysadmins have put the user agent into our AWStats so we are tracking these numbers now. They discovered something I overlooked. Netscape 4.x is 10 times more used than 7.x or 8.x. Wowsers! Some people really do not give up on the past. Back in the Netscape is dead post, I used this… Continue reading Better Way to Count

Tweets for Today

08:45 ctxhx cores w/o any evidence of crashing. Someone's been doing some downloading? # 08:58 hahahahaha I have no sense of temperature. It was 24F this morning. I thought it was about 40F (aka still shorts weather!). # 09:04 8 responses to a Dec 27th email in an hour. Yup, school employees are finally back… Continue reading Tweets for Today