Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Day: December 19, 2007

  • Turing Digitalization

    Some 60 million CAPTCHAs are solved daily according to Luis von Ahn (on Wired Science on PBS). His technology project reCAPTHCA will use unknown words in these challenges for solving the unknown words in OCR digitalizing books to solve these words in an a quasi-automated sort of way. I wonder though. Even if reCAPTCHA a)…

  • Steel

    Steel, originally uploaded by Ezra F. …aka John Henry Irons My Christmas present from Brian If you ever get a chance to pick up The Death of Superman (there is a graphic novel / aggregation of the comic issues involved), its a pretty good story arc. It happens I was collecting at the time of…

  • Legal Creativity

    I love the creativity in lawyers copyrighting their take down notices. tag: lawyers, copyright

  • Need a Hero?

    … Okay, so they are only a couple inches tall and not able to move on their own. Christmas presents from a coworker to me, Bev, and George. I got Steel (left). Bev got Brainiac 13 (middle two). George got Wildcat (right). Read and post comments | Send to a friend

  • Icy Morning

    Some photos I took this morning while waiting for my car to defrost. Maybe this will inspire me to be more active with my cameras? Read and post comments | Send to a friend