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Abandoning Pidgin for (Back to) Trillian

Back in mid August I switched to Pidgin as my IM client. I even found plugins like Guifications and Encryption to add back functionality. Starting now, I am going back to Trillian.

The painful behavior I cannot stand is Pidgin removing my accounts without any visual notice. What is the use of an IM client that doesnt’ connect to the IM service? In every instance, accounts were disabled. Normally I see a visual indicator like I normally do when an account is having issues connecting. For some reason I didn’t get anything.

In the meantime I am back to Trillian. I’ll give Gaim/Pidgin/NextName another try the next time I start having major problems with Trillian. Web-based Meebo requires remembering to login to a web site consistently. Maybe I should try Miranda again?

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3 responses to “Abandoning Pidgin for (Back to) Trillian”

  1. ez Avatar

    Oh, yeah. I played with Miranda a bit last night. We’ll see.

  2. jeff Avatar

    Hrmm… I’m in a similar spot. I’ve been using Pidgin since August as well and lately I find myself loading MSN Messenger… namely because I un-installed Trillian to force myself to use Pidgin. I think I’ll be heading back to Trillian shortly as well.

  3. Andy Avatar

    I ran into a similar quandry over Windows IM clients recently as well, since my work environment is a WinTel shop for desktops and laptops. At VSU I used Macs as much as possible, however that is not a supported platform at Global Payments. I decided against Trillian simply because I didn’t appreciate being forced to create a Trillian account. All of this was made moot once I read through the Security Awareness documents and found that running an IM client at work was a violation of corporate policy.

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