Month: November 2007

  • I Beat My Grandmother

    And mother at Rummikub. Of course, Mom beat me 3:2. 🙁 I am used to winning 4:1 except against William (2:5). tag: games, Rummikub, family

  • MPG

    I scored 39.1 miles per gallon on the drive home yesterday. Its not a hybrid, so I think this is pretty good. By doing more drafting or cutting back on driving so fast, I could break 40. tag: car, environment

  • links for 2007-11-25

    Internet users give up privacy in exchange for trust | Science Blog (tags: privacy)

  • Twitter

    Heh… I am now on Twitter.

  • Intellectuals and Politics

    The Age of Enlightenment ended over a century ago. It was known for producing a number of intellectuals. Are intellectuals a dying breed? According to Wikipedia, “An intellectual is one who tries to use his or her intellect to work, study, reflect, speculate, or ask and answer questions about a wide variety of different ideas.” […]

  • links for 2007-11-23

    Can you take a compliment? | Ms. JD (tags: communication conversation) Babies prefer good Samaritans | Science Blog (tags: Psychology) Binary to Text (ASCII) Conversion (tags: javascript nerd tools converter) MSU – Learning Management Systems Evaluation Committee 2006-07 (tags: lms) The Big Juicy Twitter Guide | Caroline Middlebrook (tags: web2.0 guide blogs) the Idea Shower […]

  • links for 2007-11-22

    Photos taken in Georgia on Flickr! (tags: Georgia flickr) Photos taken in Athens on Flickr! (tags: Athens_GA flickr) Race, Class, and the Choice of Social-Networking Sites – (tags: facebook myspace social)

  • links for 2007-11-21

    Google – Web History (tags: google Gmail privacy) Popular Science Blog – High School Science Gets Serious (tags: education biology technology) Joho the Blog » Facebook’s Privacy Default (tags: facebook privacy) loose wire blog: How Technology Shrinks and Amplifies Distance (tags: communication technology)

  • Flying Buttery Goodness

    Flying Buttery Goodness, originally uploaded by Ezra F.

  • links for 2007-11-17

    Facebook changes the norms for web purchasing and privacy Alliances with shopping web sites can allow Facebook friends to see your shopping habits. (tags: facebook privacy)