Open Letter to HP / Mercury Support


Your Mexican hold musak shows your obvious great taste. Why interrupt it every 30 seconds with, “Please standby. Your call is important to us.”? I know its important or you would not have let me stay on the line for 23 minutes.

The lady in India who talked to me handled to the case with the upmost professionalism. Thankfully suggesting maybe she try the incident number helped her find the case. Likewise, providing the product number helped her determine what monitors I need because it wasn’t clear from the receipts or saved download page. Keeping all the emails helped ensure I had all the documentation she needed.

I am most grateful she pronounced my name correctly. That seems difficult for Americans?

The case was only open 16 hours before calling you to ask for help. Your support site emailed me to let me know someone looked at the case three hours or so after it was opened. Too bad no one sent an email or anything in the 13 hours later.

I thought Behind the Blackboard was horrible for a support web site. Now, I appreciate it as a gem compared to your HP support site. When the decisions were made to both investigate and buy LoadRunner, I visited the Mercury support site to determine what we would need. Information was decently easy to locate. Contacting support led to talking or writing to individuals who helped educate me as to what I needed. If we were making the same decision now, then I would have communicated to those making the decision my concerns about your ability to support this product.


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