Public Performance and Universities

Since restaurants get sued for not paying royalties for public performances of copyrighted music, it seems likely playing a song at an athletic event is a public performance. I wonder how much the UGA Athletics or just UGA pays ASCAP for the ability to do this? Certainly, its not academic use.

Youuuuuuu – Red & Black Sports

In a craze that has swept much of the nation, the “Soulja Boy” dance has caught on in a big way with Georgia football. During home games against Ole Miss and Auburn when the Bulldogs were down, the song has cranked through the speakers and pumped up the players on the sideline, to the delight of the fans.

In an unrelated note: if the RIAA gets its way through a US House bill, then universities will have to pay millions for monthly subscription fees whether or not individual students are or are not downloading music. Plus, they have to prove they are stopping students from downloading illegally. The repercussions of not doing these being the loss of federal financial aid.

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So, I’ve banned the first person because of talking politics. He was pimpin’ Ron Paul. I guess I wasn’t aggressive enough at getting across that I really did not want to have the conversation because he started going to town writing IMs at me. I wrote back, “Yeah, I’m not the right person to have this conversation with.” He intensified his writing about this guy, so I blocked him.

I don’t normally mind having a conversation about a candidate. However, I am very leery of people who get extremely passionate about a particular candidate. They strike me as brainwashed. Poor guy has no idea that I know will read into anything Ron Paul’s campaign puts out as more brainwashing attempts to attack me.

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