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RE 2007: Birds of a Feather: Luminis

Kathy Kral, University of West Georgia

  • Luminis IV CPIP connector: Clayton, Augusta, West GA.
  • Issues with IMS when allowing IMAP from outside the Luminis application? VSU no issues with IMAP and POP allowed outside. Augusta initially restricted but opened up access without advertisement. Mention on one of email lists Blackberries fail to do a close with connection resulting in stale sessions accumulating.
  • Mailbox sizes: West GA 10MB, Augusta 40MB for students and 125MB for faculty, Valdosta 250MB.
  • Makarand Kulkarani, Sungard – Created a replacement so mailbox is Gmail. This is a professional service engagement. Engagements start at 90 hours with unused hours un-billed. When GCF connectors are built Training similar, typically 48 hours.
  • Name changes are a pita.

Jesse Lyman built a Luminis to Vista 4 single-sign on connector to handle multiple institutions.


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  1. Jai Avatar


    I am working with Luminis and our university is trying to move from webct vista 3.0 to 4.0. We will be writing a connector for the same. I read in this blog that Jesse has already written one for Vista 4. I was curious if I could get a copy of the connector.

    Please let me know. If it is possible, can you please send it to jaidude123 (at the rate) yahoo.com.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Ez Avatar

    Hi Jai…. Kathy is not the author of this blog or even blog post. These are notes from her session at the 2007 University System of Georgia Annual Computing Conference.

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