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Month: October 2007

  • links for 2007-10-31

    Hope, loss, and bicycles in Zambia – World Blog – msnbc.com (tags: charity) National Geographic News Photo Gallery: Ten Endangered U.S. Beach Towns Named (tags: science geography) ADL Community: Supporting the Global Advancement of Distributed Learning (tags: standards community collaboration learning education) How to kill or close all running programs in Windows quickly (tags: software.microsoft.windows)…

  • Sunset on Whois

    Whois may die. I’ve used it in the past to determine who owns a web site. I’ve even been frustrated that a very negative web site had a privacy blocker in place so I could not determine who ran the site. At the same time, I have the same protection on most of my domains.…

  • What?

    One of my favorite starting of silliness from the Boondocks (season 1). Gin Rummy: But I always say, “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. ” Riley:  What? Gin Rummy: Simply because you don’t have evidence that something does exist does not mean that you have evidence that something doesn’t exist. Riley: …

  • links for 2007-10-30

    Still Not A Blog » How to make a Ninja mask out of a t-shirt (tags: DIY holidays) Mayor to Ease Permit Rules for Capturing City’s Image – New York Times (tags: photography law) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y36fG2Oba0 “Rooters” (tags: humor)

  • Word of the Day – Confuzzled

    A mashup of confused and puzzled. Both mean perplexed, so its perplexed squared with a dash of disorder and a hint of complication.

  • links for 2007-10-29

    A Critic at Large: The Well-tempered Web: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker (tags: music culture) Subtraction: If It Looks Like a Cow, Swims Like a Dolphin and Quacks Like a Duck, It Must Be Enterprise Software (tags: software technology programming)

  • Input Into Decisions

    Fear brings out the worst in people. Fear of change or the unknown manifests in criticism, anger, and overreaction. Yes, I am guilty of this like everyone else… I am not somehow above all this. The idea of democracy, I think, where everyone is able to provide input into the making of a decision was…

  • Stuart, Texas Hold ‘Em Champ

    Stuart, Texas Hold ‘Em Champ, originally uploaded by Ezra F. My boss’ boss asked me to take this picture because of the Georgia v. Georgia Tech rivalry. I was more than happy to comply since I know seriouslyuguys (GT) from years ago. Great job, Stu!

  • Fireworks