Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Month: September 2007

  • New Outlook

    Yesterday, I bought new glasses. Its not much of a change, really. Black wire rims. The arms are thicker and more plastic. Its the same professional look I was sporting with the last pair, but the lenses are smaller and closer to my eyes. The nose pieces ride higher on my nose. I likey. As…

  • A More Usable Usability

    Previously I have seen usability describing ease of using a web site. These four essences of usability are interesting. I believe that to satisfy customers, a Web site must fulfill four distinct needs: Availability: A site that’s unreachable, for any reason, is useless. Responsiveness: Having reached the site, pages that download slowly are likely to…

  • No, I’ve Never Lived in Pittsburgh or Pittsburg

    Its football season. With football season come the remarks that I look like Franco Harris. I think they really are saying I am fat big…

  • Overheard: A New Coworker?

    Someone brought a baby. There are lots of strange noises from women making baby speak. The only thing I understood from all of that was, “Do we have a new employee?” Get ’em started young, I guess. Teach ’em to be good employees before they learn to talk back.

  • links for 2007-09-28

    The Power of Inline Views (tags: oracle sql)

  • links for 2007-09-27

    Nerds to auction themselves to women – Yahoo! News (tags: news nerd) ASP.NET AJAX and Performance: Loadrunner 9.0 new features and problems (tags: load_testing.mercury) Sept. 26, 1983: The Man Who Saved the World by Doing … Nothing (tags: history) HP Customer Perspective: HP LoadRunner software – Tips and Tricks for Configuration, Scripting, and Execution –…

  • Eastern puffy

    Eastern puffy, originally uploaded by Ezra F.

  • VM(Night)Mare

    So, I need to install software on a couple servers which don’t exist. They are virtual: VMWare ESX. I can see and login to the web site. However, its frustrating to consistently get a working console. I get a partial page with “Error on page.” Going to the error reveals: Browser#ResponseReceived(): invalid content type text/html…

  • Cell Phone Madness

    In case you haven’t noticed, I have have a new cell phone. Give me a call if you have my phone number. Actually, if you can find the number, then I’d even more love for you to call. 🙂 If only to congratulate your mad skillz. Back in December I read online Amazon had fantastic…