Who Is Lurking In the Shadows?

Since you readers seem not to comment much, I took it upon myself to check on you by other means. 😀

More of my visitors come from Washington, DC, than any other US locale. Interesting…. All of them are from a certain publicly traded company. \Why would I be surprised, considering I mentioned them and their product and their conference recently?. Some came to me through Laura‘s blog. Most got to me by by typing the address directly.

Its more interesting that so little of the traffic here is from work. I don’t really overtly talk about work so much. Of course, I don’t know this blog is sanctioned. Not have I really asked. Given all the trouble other bloggers I know have encountered by talking about things they should not, I’m fairly conservative. Me? Not talk much? Odd, right?

More on Insanity

I posted a quote about insanity yesterday.

I first saw the quote with “computer science” replacing insanity. Its hyperbole to be sure. There is a measure of truth. Out of 18 installs, on average 3 had bad installs. Using the exact same install method (which doesn’t have a human involved, completely scripted) again, a good install replaces it.

Of course, I’m a week short on sleep.