All Your Cache Are Belong to Us

Interesting incident with Blackboard Vista last night.

The user interface for the server “lost” the default icon sets for the organizer pages. Other icons were not affected so changing to another icon set did not help. A legendary Blackboard support guy happened to take our call. I understand why so many other Bb clients like for him to work on their issues. We may need to ask for him personally to look at any other high stakes, immediate resolution issues that pop-up. Problem is he is in Australia, so we’d need to stay up late to discuss.

The browser’s copy of the HTML literally had src=”” instead of the src=”/webct/images/large_chat.gif” (or other image name). We ruled out many things, so we considered the idea of a cached setting. Restarting a node cleared up the issue for that node. The cache did expire before a coworker restarted all the other nodes (25, ugh). So everything came back as it should.

Very interesting.


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