Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Day: July 29, 2007

  • WebRunner

    Linux.com :: Mozilla begets WebRunner, a site-specific browser: Nowadays, people are turning to Web-based applications as replacements for desktop applications. Web-based office suites, mail clients, multimedia apps, and general productivity tools are all extremely useful now, but standard Web browsers aren’t always the best option for running applications. To provide a more suitable tool for…

  • Flash! Ahhhh-Aaah

    Anyone else looking forward to the new Flash Gordon (Aug 2007) series on SciFi? The mini-series Tin Man (Dec 2007) looks like it could be interesting as well. 

  • links for 2007-07-29

    mozdev.org – quotecollapse: index (tags: mozilla_thunderbird extensions) Quicktext – Hesslow Extensions (tags: mozilla_thunderbird extensions) In 12 million years, we’re deadSciam Observations: A blog from the editors of Scientific American (tags: science.astronomy)