Day: July 25, 2007

  • Mozzies

    Hate mosquitoes? You should move along. There are amazingly clear pictures under the link. Mosquito sucking my blood (macros)!: Digital Photography Review: I noticed the mozzies were out this evening so got my FZ50 ready with raynox 250 attached and sat down on the porch. Took only a minute and the first one landed on […]

  • Bosses Do Not Always Make Best Online Pals

    NPR : Bosses Do Not Always Make Best Online Pals: The era of social networking Web sites makes it a lot easier to cross the line into friendship with superiors. Lucy Kellaway, a Financial Times columnist, describes the problems with befriending the boss in the real world and online. Kellaway spoke with Renee Montagne. Really… […]

  • Co-Authoring

    Anyone interesting in co-authoring a book? Freakonomics Blog » The Man Behind Tyler Cowen, and Freakonomics Too: FWIW, I am constantly surprised, and a little bit saddened, that more books aren’t co-authored, especially between academics (who often have great research but subpar writing skills) and writers (who spend their days trying to write well but […]

  • links for 2007-07-25

    . Tennessee Baha’i­ School (tags: Bahá’í) WebServices – Axis (tags: webservices Apache xml java documentation programming reference webserver Blackboard_Vista) DevNet (tags: blackboard_vista development lms) WebCT – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Blackboard_patent wikipedia)