Hate mosquitoes? You should move along. There are amazingly clear pictures under the link. Mosquito sucking my blood (macros)!: Digital Photography Review: I noticed the mozzies were out this evening so got my FZ50 ready with raynox 250 attached and sat down on the porch. Took only a minute and the first one landed on… Continue reading Mozzies

Bosses Do Not Always Make Best Online Pals

NPR : Bosses Do Not Always Make Best Online Pals: The era of social networking Web sites makes it a lot easier to cross the line into friendship with superiors. Lucy Kellaway, a Financial Times columnist, describes the problems with befriending the boss in the real world and online. Kellaway spoke with Renee Montagne. Really…… Continue reading Bosses Do Not Always Make Best Online Pals


Anyone interesting in co-authoring a book? Freakonomics Blog » The Man Behind Tyler Cowen, and Freakonomics Too: FWIW, I am constantly surprised, and a little bit saddened, that more books aren’t co-authored, especially between academics (who often have great research but subpar writing skills) and writers (who spend their days trying to write well but… Continue reading Co-Authoring

links for 2007-07-25

. Tennessee Baha’i­ School (tags: Bahá’í) WebServices – Axis (tags: webservices Apache xml java documentation programming reference webserver Blackboard_Vista) DevNet (tags: blackboard_vista development lms) WebCT – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Blackboard_patent wikipedia)