Graduation Rates

Systemwide, only 48 percent of the students in Georgia’s four-year public institutions earn a degree within six years of enrollment, compared to a national average of 54 percent. Even allowing eight to 10 years, the percentage of students earning degrees climbs only slightly. In contrast, the Georgia high school graduation rate is between 56 and… Continue reading Graduation Rates

Baby Names

Over on is a link to NameVoyager (a Java Applet). Type in a name to see how often its been used. I was stunned to see Ezra is surging. It was ranked in the 275th to 390th in the late 1800s (aka 19th century). Through the 20th century it reached its least popularity about… Continue reading Baby Names

links for 2007-07-07

Website Design: Choosing The Right Colors For Your Website | (tags: design webdesign) WordPress › Support » Adding an author picture (tags: wordpress) User Datagram Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: wikipedia network) Transmission Control Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: wikipedia network) The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: Blackboard Video Mocks Second… Continue reading links for 2007-07-07