links for 2007-07-30

Edge: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE By Steven Pinker “If the wars of the twentieth century had killed the same proportion of the population that die in the wars of a typical tribal society, there would have been two billion deaths, not 100 million.” (tags: philosophy history science.psychology science culture politics statistics community) The Evolutionary Psychology… Continue reading links for 2007-07-30

WebRunner :: Mozilla begets WebRunner, a site-specific browser: Nowadays, people are turning to Web-based applications as replacements for desktop applications. Web-based office suites, mail clients, multimedia apps, and general productivity tools are all extremely useful now, but standard Web browsers aren’t always the best option for running applications. To provide a more suitable tool for… Continue reading WebRunner

Flash! Ahhhh-Aaah

Anyone else looking forward to the new Flash Gordon (Aug 2007) series on SciFi? The mini-series Tin Man (Dec 2007) looks like it could be interesting as well. 

Brother and Sister Look at a Plane

Brother and Sister Look at a Plane, originally uploaded by Ezra F. The boy’s face says to me pure joy. Took this a while ago, but I forgot it was still on the data card. I found it while pulling off pictures of the board from the meeting this morning.