Open Letter to Netscape 7.2 Developers

Hi guys, Um, English typically is read left-to-right and not right-to-left. So when I type in the address box, I’d really appreciate the flow of my typing to work in that direction as well. As a result, I would get “” and not “ude.gsu.weiv.u”. Killing the process and starting a new one did resolve the… Continue reading Open Letter to Netscape 7.2 Developers


I’ve been asked for a cookbook of SQL to deal with issues in [WebCT / Blackboard] Vista. This seems like a daunting task. Organizationally, I guess I lean towards “everything is miscellaneous”. Just about everything starts with a few SQL statements I’ve come to memorize. Outside of that, every request has a number of nuances… Continue reading Cookbook

B for a Be

Are online students really students? We like to think seeing is believing, but who meets a student who takes a completely online class? Apparently, seeing is also interpolating…. at Stanford, anyway. Is this a single case? How easy is it for someone to take an academic year’s worth of classes without anyone catching on to… Continue reading B for a Be

Stalked Crinoid Locomotion

Recording of rapid crawling movement by a specimen of Neocrinus decorus on a ~5 minute video sequence. (Abstract)