I’ve been asked for a cookbook of SQL to deal with issues in [WebCT / Blackboard] Vista. This seems like a daunting task.

Organizationally, I guess I lean towards “everything is miscellaneous”. Just about everything starts with a few SQL statements I’ve come to memorize. Outside of that, every request has a number of nuances which make saying, “Run x, then y, then z,” useless. Figuring out how to coach someone else in what to use in which situation is a supervisor / expert skillset. I’m so new at the SQL skillset it surprises me others would wish for my advice.

Part of it is most requests are different enough that I have to build together something to mine the data for what is sought. Over the year or so I’ve been at it, I’ve come to understand what I can get out of several tables. However, I have dozens of tables to go and many are not even used.

So I’ll do it. If anything it will be a good exercise in meta-congnition. I’ll know what I know so that I can look into what I ought to learn.






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