WaltGhost is a web site by Uncle Walter. He’s always been great to have a conversation. I like some of his art. I’ll have to buy a couple…

Obscurity Obsolescence

Along the same lines as Lacey’s Travel and Usability post, libraries are not really designed to be very usable. Well… unless you think like a librarian. Who gets a MLIS degree in order to use a library. Okay… I would… bad example. The below article’s Digital Natives are kids who have played video games all… Continue reading Obscurity Obsolescence

QotD: Bail Me Out

Who would you call with your one phone call if arrested? (No lawyers!) Good question! I've never thought about it before now. In Athens: George. Only because he knows all about it.In Atlanta: Cat. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Your Mind on Some Platters

What’s in a Laptop? Court Ponders Legality of Border Searches: “Electronic storage devices function as an extension of our own memory,” Judge Dean Pregerson wrote. “They are capable of storing our thoughts, ranging from the most whimsical to the most profound. Therefore, government intrusions into the mind — specifically those that would cause fear or… Continue reading Your Mind on Some Platters

RIP Yahoo! Photos

Yahoo To Shut Down Yahoo Photos In Favor Of Flickr You have until September to move all your photos. UPDATE 17-JUN-2007: I have imported 511 pictures at Yahoo! Photos to my Flickr account. The migration tool was kind enough to mark all of them as private. However, though untagged. 🙁 I’m working through them, updating… Continue reading RIP Yahoo! Photos