Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4


What two web sites would you combine? Why?

Let’s Make Website Mashups, Like Netflickr, Figg and BoingPress:

It seems to me — for the purposes if this column — that the best way to reduce this clutter is to combine domains, creating a new site that incorporates the strengths of both the originals. I call these “dot combos” because I think I’m so freaking clever.


Welcome to the only online dating service with profiles that anyone can edit! Personal descriptions are notoriously biased, and clearly only random people using pseudonyms can provide the objectivity necessary to decide whether Becky Jarker is a “fun, feisty redhead” or a “henna-addicted lush.” Careful, though … one too many boring dates and you’ll be deleted as “non-notable.”


Wired and MySpace combine to form a massive online community dedicated to discussing the latest in tech news as well as blaring MP3s at you. Feel free to join up and… wait a second. Your Prius doesn’t have the GPS option? You only own two video game consoles? I’m sorry, we’re not inviting cavemen.

My contributution:


Comments on photos is cool, but an instant message conversation over them in real time is so much more…. instantaneous. 🙂







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