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Ohio University would be safer with concealed weapons on campus if those gaining such a permit had to be subjected to a strict screening process that included an annual mental-health checkup; criminal background check; and training in said firearms use, marksmanship and safety, including an inspection of the weapon to be carried.

Ummmm… If background checks are so effective, then how did Seung-hui Cho get one? Last night, I was watching 20/20 where they discussed myths, one of which was on whether gun control reduces violent crime obviously spun towards it not.

The example of success? The Appalachian School of Law Shooting where a gunman killed three people before other students with guns stopped him. Many more people would have been killed had these other students not stopped him. Police cannot be everywhere at once, so its better to have a gun to save yourself. They don’t mention that it was after he was done killing that the students with guns got to him and apprehended him. Its not much different than police arriving at the scene.

There are no available numbers on how many mass murders are prevented by people who are not able to acquire a gun.

Its not like either side is going to point out where their side has failed in this issue. 🙁

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